Women's Ministry Encouragement and Words of Wisdom

Encouragement and Words of Wisdom

From the Editor

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Purpose Statement

The purpose of Women’s Ministries is to glorify God by challenging women: 

  • to know God personally
  • to grow in Christlikeness
  • to discover and use spiritual gifts
  • to love and serve others and in all we do
  • to reflect the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is our Ministry Mission?

Our mission is to promote spiritual GROWTH in women that will glorify God.

The passion of this women’s ministry is to help women grow and mature in Jesus Christ into Godly Women, Wives, and Mothers by the learning and application of God’s Word through teachings, fellowships, and activities.


A Thought for you!

Where can you find greater strength for today? And where can you go to get help for all your tomorrows? In God you have everything you need. Psalm 23 states, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." These facts and truths about God cover every day and every season of your life. Imagine always having the Lord as your shepherd and leader! And imagine always having everything you truly need! Because of God's character, you don't need to know the path or the future. And you don’t need to worry either! You only need to know the God who promises to care for you and to lead you. Even in your "impossible" situations, you can know that God's resources are abundantly available to you. He will refresh and encourage you, and bring purpose and hope in the midst of life's frantic pace.


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